Download a digital copy of the Leadership Strategy | Rautaki Kaihautū

The Leadership Strategy | Rautaki Kaihautū supports the growth and development of leadership capability for all registered teachers across English and Māori medium settings, in positional and non-positional roles. 

The Strategy | Rautaki Kaihautū aims to make leadership development accessible to everyone.  

It also provides an opportunity for New Zealand to be world-leading in its approach to leadership in education: 

  • It belongs to the profession 
  • It is relevant to every teacher across English and Māori medium settings - in both positional and non-positional roles 
  • It is steeped in international and New Zealand leadership research 
  • It sets out a guiding framework for teachers to develop their own leadership capability - making leadership development accessible to everyone 
  • It is unique to Aotearoa New Zealand - recognising Te Tiriti o Waitangi, as well as the cultural distinctiveness of leadership in Māori medium and bilingual settings 
  • It provides a system-level approach to growing and developing leadership in education. 

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