Principals voice – A collaborative report by the Teaching Council and the New Zealand Principal’s Federation

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In 2021, The Teaching Council and the New Zealand Principal’s Federation appointed Linda Miller and Iva Ropati to gather voice from principals across all sectors and all parts of Aotearoa New Zealand.  We were keen to hear from principals about their leadership priorities, and what they would consider useful for their leadership development.  This report collates the feedback from those principals, and makes several suggestions to be considered in the design of Rauhuia | Leadership space.

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Educational Leadership Capability Framework

Download a digital copy of the Capability Framework

The Educational Leadership Capability Framework (the Capability Framework) is designed to support the Leadership Strategy | Rautaki Kaihautū to advance educational leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Capability Framework gives life to the Leadership Strategy | Rautaki Kaihautū and outlines the core educational capabilities needed for effective leadership across different levels of the profession. It provides all teachers with a practical tool to identify, grow and develop their leadership capability. It also illustrates what leadership looks like in practice, in kura, schools, and early childhood education services.  

The capabilities can be used to:

  • shape and critically reflect on programmes, individual pathways and overall practice, and organisational strengths and needs.
  • make decisions about priorities for new learning. 

The Capability Framework draws on the existing guidance in educational leadership such as the Ministry of Education’s Tū Rangatira for Māori medium educational leadership (also on this page), Kiwi Leadership for Principals, as well as ERO’s School Evaluation Indicators and Early Childhood Services Evaluation Indicators.

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Presentation to guide your input to shape Rauhuia

Download the PowerPoint presentation

This PowerPoint is a resource to share the kawa and kia topa (flight path or vision) for the establishment of Rauhuia. Much of the content has been widely used in our engagement to date and has been crafted in response to the input of a variety of stakeholders from the profession.

A Pacific view of leadership

John Misky uses building his boat as an analogy for the teaching profession's work around leadership.

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Tū Rangatira: Māori Medium Educational Leadership

Download a digital copy of Tū Rangatira

Released in 2010 by the Ministry of Education, this is a model of leadership that reflects some of the key leadership roles and practices that contribute to high-quality educational outcomes for Māori learners. 

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Middle Leadership: the possibilities and potential

Download a digital copy of Middle leadership: the possibilities and potential

This builds on the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand’s previous work that informs leadership of Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako, and explores the concepts and practices of middle leadership that will help us in the development of the draft leadership strategy. The paper discusses why effective middle leaders are fundamental to our education system, identifies the challenges to middle leadership development, and makes recommendations for the development of middle leadership at all levels of the education system. 

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Leadership for Communities of Learning: Five Think Pieces

Download a digital copy of Leadership for Communities of Learning: Five Think Pieces 

These provide insights relating to the professional practice of “leading improvement, innovation and change”.

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Young People Insights Report

Download a digital copy of Young People Insights Report 

This report, commissioned by the then Education Council uncovered powerful, meaningful and authentic insights to better understand the education leadership experiences of 18-24 year olds and to incorporate these insights and learnings into the development of the Leadership Strategy. 

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National Leadership Forum

Prof Linda Darling-Hammond, Learning Policy Institute, USA in conversation with Anthony Mackay, National Institute for School Leadership, Washington DC. 

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