Our Code | Ngā Tikanga Matatika resources

The Code | Ngā Tikanga Matatika is a set of aspirations for professional behaviour and not a list of punitive rules.

Download a digital copy of Our Code, Our Standards

Download a digital copy of Our Code in brief - one page resource (English) 

Download a digital copy of Our Code in brief - one page resource (Te reo Māori) 

Examples in Practice

This resource provides positive examples of what the Code | Ngā Tikanga Matatika statements might look like in practice. It also gives examples of behaviour that is unacceptable and would be in breach of the Code's expectations. 

Download a digital copy of Examples in Practice

Videos - Bringing the Code to life

Schools and centres have begun to unpack what it means to be part of the profession and what the Code looks like as it is brought to life.

These six short videos explore how Newtown School in Wellington interprets the Code, and how the teaching team are working to meet the four commitment statements. All videos have subtitles and a transcript is available for download

Being a member of the Teaching Profession

In part one Newtown School principal Mark Brown and his staff of dedicated and talented teachers talk about what the Code is all about and what it means to them.

Our Code: reflecting on expectations - Ngā Tikanga Matatika: Whakaroaro i ngā whainga

Part two delves into how staff at Newtown School use the Code of Professional Responsibility to reflect their expectations as teachers.

Commitment to the Teaching Profession - Ko te ngākaunui ki te Umanga Whakaakoranga

Part three is about Commitment to the Teaching Profession: teachers at Newtown school talk about growing and learning through respectful collaboration and conversations with colleagues.

Commitment to Learners - Ko te ngākaunui ki ngā Ākonga

Part four is about Commitment to Learners: Newtown School talk about how they work together as teachers and learners to foster the best outcomes for each child.

Commitment to Families and Whānau - Ko te ngākaunui ki ngā whānau

Part five is about Commitment to Families and Whānau; teachers and leaders from Newtown School talk about understanding and valuing the diversity and aspirations of families and whānau and the children they bring to school.

Commitment to Society - Ko te ngākaunui ki te hapori whānau

Part six looks at Commitment to Society: a key focus for all teachers at Newtown School is understanding the role of teachers in shaping their children as active participants in their community now and in the future.

Standards | Ngā Paerewa resources

The Standards | Ngā Paerewa are purposely designed at a high level so every practitioner can apply them to suit the context they are working in.

Download a digital copy of Our Code, Our Standards 

Download a digital copy of Our Standards in brief (English) 

Download a digital copy of Our Standards in Brief (te reo Māori) 

Current workshop resource book

Standards Supporting Documents: links to resources that can help you think about each standard in practice

Quality Practice Template

A Quality Practice template is to help teachers get familiar with the Standards | Ngā Paerewa and how they relate to each setting.

Quality Practice Template document

Video and audio

Audio recording: Quality Practice instructions 

Talking about Te Tiriti o Waitangi partnership as a Standard at Paparārangi Kindergarten  

Liz Lee talks about how they see the standard is being reflected at their kindergarten. Even if you are not from ECE this video will make valuable viewing.

School Guidance Counsellors' resources:

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