What practising certificate is right for you?

The type of practising certificate you hold as a reliever depends on your role and your recent teaching experience.

Your application for a practising certificate will be checked by the Council to review the following: 

  • Time taught - how much teaching you have completed in the last five years and what certificate type you currently hold or last held
  • Recency - how recent your teaching is over the last five years

If you currently hold a Tōmua | Provisional Practising Certificate 

If you are a Tōmua teacher who has been working in relief roles, but you have not completed induction and mentoring and the other requirements for moving to Tūturu | Full (Category One), you are likely to be able to renew your Tōmua

Please note: your Tōmua | Provisional Practising Certificate gives you five years from the time you complete your ITE qualification to complete induction and mentoring and meet the other requirements for moving to a Tūturu | Full (Category One) Practising Certificate. After this time, you may be required to complete a teacher refresh process.

If you currently hold a Tūturu | Full (Category One) Practising Certificate

Relieving teachers who are employed in longer-term roles (such as covering a period of extended leave) may be able to renew Tūturu | Full (Category One) if their professional leader's judgement is that they meet the Standards | Ngā Paerewa as required for this type of practising certificate and meet all other requirements for renewal.

You may be issued with a Pūmau | Full (Category Two) Practising Certificate (previously known as Subject to Confirmation) if you are no longer teaching in a role comprehensive enough to demonstrate that you meet all the Standards | Ngā Paerewa. For example, you may have been away from teaching for several years and are returning in day-to-day relieving roles.

If you currently hold a Pūmau | Full (Category Two) Practising Certificate (previously known as Subject to Confirmation)

This practising certificate recognises your experience, but also acknowledges that because of your role type, you may not be able to demonstrate that you currently meet all the Standards | Ngā Paerewa, and so are considered 'likely' to meet them.

If you continue to be employed as a day-to-day reliever you are likely to renew Pūmau | Full (Category Two).

If you would like to return to Tūturu | Full (Category One) you must complete one year of mentoring, be endorsed by your professional leader as meeting the Standards | Ngā Paerewa and meet all the other requirements for Tūturu | Full (Category One).

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How to apply online

Learn about the fee and levy for registration and certification.

Please apply for your practising certificate online in Hapori Matatū | Online Community. All registered teachers, including day to day relievers who work for multiple learning settings, can access Hapori Matatū and lodge an application online.  

Learn more about creating an account, logging in and using Hapori Matatū.

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