What is the difference between the Leadership Strategy  | Rautaki Kaihautū and the Educational Leadership Capability Framework?

The purpose of the Leadership Strategy | Rautaki Kaihautū is to:

  • guide and inform a system-level approach to the development of leadership capability for teaching professionals
  • provide a guiding framework for building leadership capability and growing leaders at all levels and across all mediums of teaching and learning; within early childhood services, kura, primary and secondary schools
  • identify priorities for investment in leadership capability development.

The Leadership Capability Framework is a companion document. It has been designed to support the intention of the Leadership Strategy to advance educational leadership in New Zealand. It provides high-level guidelines for leadership development to help teachers identify, grow and develop their leadership capability.

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How can I use the Leadership Capability Framework?

The capabilities can be used to shape and critically reflect on programmes, individual pathways and overall practice, and organisational strengths and needs, and to make decisions about priorities for new learning. They can be used to address professional learning and development, whether it is focused specifically on leadership or on curriculum or pedagogy, so that the leadership capacity in all educational organisations can keep growing. 

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Am I expected to use the capabilities in the framework as part of my professional growth cycle?

The Capability Framework is a practical tool to support teachers to develop their skills and knowledge in different leadership capabilities. Developing your leadership capability in order to prepare for a new leadership sphere might be part of the professional learning you undertake within your professional growth cycle. The Capability Framework can support you to identify which capabilities you might develop or strengthen in order to do so effectively. 

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How does the Leadership Strategy | Rautaki Kaihautū and the Leadership Capability Framework align with other educational leadership resources?

Both the Leadership Strategy | Rautaki Kaihautū and the Leadership Capability Framework are steeped in New Zealand and international research, presenting a genuinely New Zealand vision of leadership. Their development has brought together existing guidance in educational leadership resources, such as Tū Rangatira, Kiwi Leadership for Principals, the Education Review Office leadership indicators and dimensions- as well as the Council’s own Code of Professional Responsibility and Standards for the Teaching Profession | Ngā Tikanga Matatika, Ngā Paerewa.

The Leadership Strategy| Rautaki Kaihautū outlines a range of intentions and actions which have been designed to meet the needs of Educational Leadership within New Zealand.  Rauhuia, the Council’s Leadership space, will deliver the strategy within and across schools, networks and communities, ensuring access for all teachers and enhancing outcomes for learners.  Rauhuia has the values of the teaching profession as its foundation, and centres both Te Tiriti and Te Whare Tapa wha (well-being) as key to the delivery of the Leadership StrategyRautaki Kaihautū. 

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