What is endorsement?

 Professional leaders are well placed to make a judgement about the quality of practice of teachers in their setting. Endorsement is the process of communicating this judgement to support the Council’s decision-making for practising certificate issue and renewal. The professional judgement exercised by endorsers also gives us confidence that the teacher meets the Standards | Ngā Paerewa according to the requirements for their practising certificate type.

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Who are endorsers?

Endorsers are professional leaders* (or a senior staff member/s holding a full practising certificate and authorised by the professional leader) who endorse teacher applications for issue and renewal of practising certificates, based on their professional judgement of the teacher’s everyday teaching practice and processes that are in place at their centre/school/kura or other education setting. 

Professional leaders who are not registered teachers holding a full practising certificate will need to be assured that the processes in place within their setting enable professional judgements about teaching practice to be made by a fully certificated teacher in a senior role, including whether a teacher meets the Standards | Ngā Paerewa as required for their practising certificate type.

Head of faculty, board chair or head of similar governing body will have endorsement responsibilities for professional leader practising certificates.

A relative or close friend cannot be an endorser. If you are a relative or close friend of the teacher, make sure another appropriate person is found to endorse to avoid a conflict of interest.

*Professional leaders are: principal of a school, senior leader of a kindergarten association, centre manager or owner licensee of an early childhood centre, or senior staff member of a Tertiary Education Institution (TEI). 

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How can senior staff become endorsers?

As a professional leader, you can choose a senior staff member (or members) to complete the endorsement process for teachers in your setting. Staff given this authority will need to hold a Tūturu | Full (Category One) or Pūmau | Full (Category Two) Practising Certificate.

A professional leader should complete the endorsement of practising certificate applications for any senior staff who are given endorsement responsibilities.

You can choose as many senior staff as you feel appropriate or necessary for your setting. 

For centres, schools, kura: Senior staff will need to contact the Delegated Authoriser of the school to apply the 'leader role' to their Education Sector Logon (ESL). 

For tertiary and other approved settings: Senior staff will need to ask the Delegated Authoriser at your ITE provider or approved setting to apply the 'leader role' to their ESL or fill in the ESL120 form on the Ministry of Education website and select the 'Professional Leader' box next to Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand Hapori Matatū Online Community.

Once this has been done, when senior staff log into Hapori Matatū and select the 'Registration and Certification' tab at the top of the page, their screen will display three boxes 'Applications', 'Approval Requests' and 'LAT Approvals'. To endorse select 'Approval Requests'.

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Guidelines for endorsement of teacher practising certificates

The Endorser Guidelines provide direction to professional leaders or senior staff who have been delegated about what they are responsible for, when they endorse a teacher's application for issue or renewal of a practising certificate.

We encourage professional leaders to contact the Council if they are unsure about any aspect of the endorsement process.

Note: The Council is currently working with professional leader representatives to agree a new process for endorsement of professional leader practising certificates. When this work is completed, guidelines will be made available to support those with this responsibility.

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How to endorse an application

If you are a registered teacher and the teacher needing endorsement applied online please log into Hapori Matatū to endorse applications online.

If you are not a registered teacher, please use one of the following endorsement forms:

Professional leader endorsement

To be completed by your employer e.g. Board of Trustees Chairperson or direct employer, and then uploaded into Hapori Matatū.

Professional leader endorsement

Teacher Endorsement: Renewing Tōmua | Provisional

To be completed by professional leaders who are not registered teachers.

This is an endorsement form and not a practising certificate application form.

Teacher Endorsement renew Tōmua | Provisional

Teacher Endorsement: Renewing 

Tūturu | Full (Category One) - formerly Full
Pūmau | Full (Category Two) - formerly STC

To be completed by professional leaders who are not registered teachers.

This is an endorsement form and not a practising certificate application form.

Teacher Endorsement renew Tūturu 
Teacher Endorsement renew Pūmau 

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