Investigation process

If the Triage Committee decides to refer a report, complaint or make an own motion referral about a teacher to the Complaints Assessment Committee (CAC), investigators working on behalf of the CAC will investigate the allegations. 

The teacher involved will be told of the investigation, advised to seek representation through their union, a lawyer or advocate and given a chance to provide any relevant evidence and comment on the information the investigator has been given. The teacher’s current employer will also be informed. 

The investigator will write a report when all relevant information is gathered.

A copy of the finished report and relevant information will be given to the teacher, who may also provide a response on the report and any of the collated information before it goes to the CAC.  

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Complaints Assessment Committee (CAC) and outcomes

The case will then go to a CAC panel. The panel will consider the report and the teacher’s response.

The CAC is a decision-making committee, independent of the Teaching Council, made up of experienced teachers from all sectors and lay people with relevant experience. Please visit the CAC website for more information about the CAC process.

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