Rauhuia | Leadership Space symbolises the uniquely Aotearoa-based leadership that we aspire to; that honours Te Tiriti and te ao Maori-based concepts of leadership – that seeks to empower people to lead for a different future that focuses on equity.

Sitting within Rauhuia | Leadership Space is Rautaki Kaihautū | Leadership Strategy – a guiding framework to support the growth and development of leadership capability of teachers, to achieve educational equity and excellence.

The Teaching Council have a role in creating a systematic approach to educational leadership so that collectively we can cause change and enable access for all. Rauhuia and Rautaki Kaihautū | Leadership Strategy provides a collective direction in this regard.

We want everyone to see the value of this work. One of the next steps is to create a much more specific framework. We are tentatively calling this a “Learning and Measurement Framework”.

The purpose of this framework is not to evaluate teachers but to articulate what successful educational leadership in Aotearoa would look like and define what we can measure along the way to demonstrate our progress, our collective impact, and how the Teaching Council can improve educational leadership.

Throughout the development of the Learning and Measurement Framework we will be holding several workshops to engage with sector groups and key stakeholders to explore how the Teaching Council can measure Rauhuia’s impact across all sectors and groups and use this learning to create momentum.

Updates on the Learning and Measurement Framework will be posted here.