For overseas-trained teachers

Information for teachers trained overseas who want to teach in New Zealand.

Moving to teach in Aotearoa New Zealand

Keen to teach in Aotearoa New Zealand? It's a big move, please read the important information on this page before you apply.

Applying for registration

To enter the teaching profession, you first need to apply for and be granted Kaiako Whai Rēhitanga | Teacher Registration.

Applying for a Tōmua | Provisional Practising Certificate

Tōmua | Provisional is the first practising certificate you will hold when you start teaching in New Zealand.

Satisfactorily trained to teach

If you were trained as a teacher overseas there are a few pathways for us to determine if you meet our satisfactorily trained to teach requirements.

Language competency requirements

High quality teaching requires competency in the languages of New Zealand’s national curricula – English or te reo Māori. Find out how to provide evidence of your competency.

Overseas police clearance

To gain registration and certification you will need to provide an overseas police clearance if you have lived overseas for 12 months or more within the last 10 years.