Getting Certificated

Whai tiwhiketetanga

Registration and certification is the way we ensure all teachers in Aotearoa are qualified, capable and ethical professionals.

Joining the profession

If you are interested in a career in teaching, find steps and key information about how to get started.

For beginning teachers

If you have recently graduated from your ITE programme you are well on your way to starting an exciting teacher career. Find out next steps.

For relief teachers

Relievers are a critical part of the education system and the teaching profession. Find information about being issued with or renewing a practising certificate in this role.

For professional leaders

Find information for professional leaders and employers in the teaching sector, to help you support certificated teachers.

For Limited Authority to Teach

Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) enables people without a teaching qualification to teach in positions where there’s need for specialist skills or skills are in short supply.