Download a digital copy of Tātaiako

Tātaiako provides a guide for teachers, their employers, Initial Teacher Education providers and providers of on-going teacher professional learning to think about what it takes to successfully teach Māori learners.

It is a starting point for schools and early childhood education services to develop cultural competence. It is most effective when whānau, hapū and iwi work together with schools and services to determine the cultural competencies that are particular to their communities. 

A culturally responsive teacher will recognise during their journey towards demonstrating cultural competence that is is important to see themselves as learners alongside whānau and all decisions are made in partnership.

Tātaiako helps teachers to understand and value what is important when taking a Māori world view in relation to teaching Māori learners. It is a framework that highlights five competencies that are essential values that need to be present when engaging Māori learners.


Participating with learners and communities in robust dialogue for the benefit of Māori learners’ achievement.


Actively engaging in respectful working relationships with Māori learners, parents and whānau, hapū, iwi and the Māori community. 


Showing integrity, sincerity and respect towards Māori beliefs, language and culture.

Tangata Whenuatanga

Affirming Māori learners as Māori. Providing contexts for learning where the language, identity and culture of Māori learners and their whānau is affirmed.


Taking responsibility for their own learning and that of Māori learners.