Values | Uara

These values | uara underpin Our Code, Our Standards | Ngā Tikanga Matatika, Ngā Paerewa. They define, inspire and guide us as teachers.

WHAKAMANA: empowering all learners to reach their highest potential by providing high-quality teaching and leadership. 

MANAAKITANGA: creating a welcoming, caring and creative learning environment that treats everyone with respect and dignity. 

PONO: showing integrity by acting in ways that are fair, honest, ethical and just. 

WHANAUNGATANGA: engaging in positive and collaborative relationships with our learners, their families and whānau, our colleagues and the wider community. 

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Code of Professional Responsibility | Ngā Tikanga Matatika

Ngā Tikanga Matatika | The Code applies to all registered and certificated teachers and those who have been granted a Limited Authority to Teach. It is a set of aspirations for professional behaviour - not a list of punitive rules. It reflects the expectations teachers and society place on the profession. As part of section 387 (6) of the Education Act, it is binding on all teachers.

The Code of Professional Responsibility | Ngā Tikanga Matatika replaced the Code of Ethics in June 2017.

For a more detailed look at the Ngā Tikanga Matatika | Code, watch our video that introduces the four key aspects, examples of professional practice, examples of potential breaches and processes that uphold the Code.

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Standards for the Teaching Profession | Ngā Paerewa

The Standards | Ngā Paerewa apply to all practising teachers. These are made up of six standards | paerewa that provide a holistic description of what high quality teaching practice looks like. The Standards | Ngā Paerewa are designed at a high level so every practitioner can apply them to suit the context they are working in. Each standard | paerewa has an elaboration to provide depth and context and supports teachers to identify and develop high quality practices in their settings. 

In Initial Teacher Education the Standards for the Teaching Profession | Ngā Paerewa replaced the Graduating Teacher Standards in July 2019.

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