How to renew

To renew a practising certificate, teachers are required to have completed satisfactory recent teaching or undertaken a teacher refresh process. 

An 'approved institution' is an organisation other than an early childhood centre, school or kura that has been approved by the Council for renewal of a practising certificate. If you work at one of these approved institutions your teaching experience can still be recognised and count towards the renewal of your practising certificate.

For information about what is needed to renew your practising certificate please visit Renewing a practising certificate. When you are ready to start an application, please do it online by logging into Hapori Matatū.

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How to become an approved institution or setting

Institutions or settings that would like the teaching experience of their staff to be recognised for the renewal of practising certificates need to apply to the Council to become an approved institutions.

Approvals are granted for up to three years. At the end of the three years, a new application must be made for approved institution status.

If your institution would like to apply for approval please refer to the Requirements for Teacher Registration, Practising Certificates and Limited Authority to Teach Policy for details on what to include in your written application.

Send applications and supporting documents to

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List of approved institutions and approved settings

Approval date Institution/setting Expiry of current approvals
21/10/2019  Activate Training Centre (ATC)  Oct 2022
28/04/2020  Autism NZ  Apr 2023
10/08/2022  CCS Disability Action Jul 2025
04/02/2019  Cholmondeley Children's Centre  Feb 2022
14/02/2019  Christchurch Secondary School AE Consortium  Dec 2021
14/02/2020  Cognition Education Ltd.  Feb 2023
20/12/2020  CORE Education Ltd  Jan 2023
28/06/2021  Evaluation Associates  Jun 2024
02/10/2020  InterLEAD  Sep 2023
25/05/2021  Learning Matters Ltd  May 2024
29/09/2021 Learning Solutions Sep 2024
07/07/2020  Life Education Trust  Sep 2023
20/12/2020 Momentum Learning Ltd Jan 2023
25/5/2021 Ministry of Inspiration May 2024
1/12/2021 New Zealand Skills and Education College - School of ECE Dec 2024
07/07/2020  New Zealand Catholic Education Office (NZCEO)  Jul 2023
25/05/2021 NZ Centre for Gifted Education  May 2024
01/12/2022 Sport NZ Nov 2025
01/12/2021  Stand Children's Services  Māia Whānau  Dec 2024
07/07/2020  Taylors College  Jul 2023
04/02/2019  Te Awamutu Museum  Feb 2022
20/12/2020  Te Poutama Ārahi Rangatahi - Barnardos School  Jan 2023
10/11/2022  Te Matatiki Toi Ora The Arts Centre  Nov 2022
14/02/2020  The Suter Art Gallery  Feb 2023
02/10/2020 TSB TOPEC Sep 2023
25/05/2021 Tuilaepa Youth Mentoring Services May 2024
04/02/2019  University of Otago - Foundation Year  Feb 2022
24/04/2020  Virtual Learning Network (VLN) Primary School  Apr 2023
02/10/2020 Drowning Prevention Auckland Sep 2023
21/10/2019  Young Enterprise Trust  Oct 2022

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