Endorsement is an important part of the certification process. It supports the Teaching Council’s decision-making process for issuing and renewing practising certificates.

To complete a teacher’s endorsement, you need to log into Hapori Matatū  with your ESL. You should then see your role as ‘Professional Leader.’ If you don’t, please ask your ESL Delegated Authoriser* to add this role for you.

You then need to select ‘complete a teacher’s endorsement’ which will trigger an email notification to your email. When that appears, click the link and log into Hapori Matatū and follow the instructions below.

Note: For guidance on who can endorse a practicing certificate, please refer to the Endorser Guidelines.

  1. In Hapori Matatū, go to the ‘Registration & Certification’ tab. You’ll see three tiles. Select ‘Approval Requests’ for teacher endorsements (and for all identity verifications). Select ‘LAT Approvals’ for LAT endorsements.
  2. Click on the drop-down list to change the list view to ‘My Endorsement Approvals’.
  3. Select the appropriate ENDORSE-xxxx to view the endorsement details.
  4. Click the ‘Endorse Application’ button.
  5. Click the ‘Next’ button to go to the next screen. The fields in this section should be pre-populated from your information in ‘My Details.’
  6. Select ‘Yes’ if you have a perceived conflict of interest. If you selected ‘Yes’ to a perceived conflict of interest, write a short explanation of this, then download and complete the Conflict of Interest form. Scan and upload the form to the endorsement.
  7. Complete the endorsement form by selecting ‘Yes’ or no for each statement. If you answer ‘No,’ please add any comments and/or upload supporting documents.
  8. Click ‘Submit Endorsement’ to complete the endorsement process.

If you need more detailed instructions, please see page 32 of the Hapori Matatū User Guide (and page 38 for LAT endorsement).

Please note! Different types of applications have different endorsement questions. If you’d like to be contacted about the endorsement, because you’re not sure about something, please click 'I want to discuss the endorsement'.

If you’re an ECE centre manager who isn’t a registered teacher, you’ll need to complete a paper-based endorsement form.

*An ESL Delegated Authoriser can view and maintain ESL user accounts for an organisation and manage their users' access to education sector applications. Please contact the Education Service Desk if you require assistance.