Pipiri | Hune | June

Kia ora koutou,

I hope you're keeping well now that we're officially in winter, although for some of us it feels like winter's been here for some time. 

You’re probably well aware of the recent discussions in the media around teacher preparation and qualifications. There have been a lot of opinions shared, and some unfair criticisms about how well-prepared new teachers are. Over the past month, I’ve been appearing in the media to advocate on your behalf to share that teachers are experts. You might have heard me say, “stop blaming teachers. Teachers have not let the system down, the system has let teachers down”. Teachers are passionate, dedicated, and capable, but for too long they’ve been let down by a system that doesn’t give them the structure or resources they need. Since 2017, the Teaching Council has been pushing for changes to teacher qualifications. If you would like to know more about the Teaching Council’s roadmap for changes to teacher qualifications, please take a look at our recent media releases or to listen to this interview on Radio New Zealand’s Checkpoint.  

I’d also like to say 'thank you' to everyone who gave feedback on the various consultations that we've been doing. We've received a lot of comments and suggestions on our strategic plan, proposed changes to language competency policy, and a fee proposal for those seeking a review of a CAC decision. This is your professional body and the Teaching Council considers all your feedback before any decisions are reached. There are more consultation periods planned throughout the year so keep an eye on your inbox for chances to have your say about the profession. 

Until I talk to you in our next newsletter, stay warm, well and enjoy Matariki and the long weekend! 

Noho ora mai,

Tumu Whakarae | Chief Executive  

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Policy Dashboard
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The Teaching Council's Chief Executive, Lesley Hoskin, takes some time to answer some of your questions in a new video.
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