Board elections 2022

Elections for seven members of the Teaching Council’s thirteen-person governing Board will be held in February 2022, with the election process getting underway later this year when candidate nominations open.  

During the election, seven governing Board members are chosen by the profession for a three-year term commencing 1 July 2022.  Following the election, the Minister of Education will make six appointments to the remaining seats.   

Elected members include:  

  • An ECE teacher elected to the Teaching Council by ECE teachers;  
  • An ECE service leader elected to the Teaching Council by ECE leaders.  
  • A primary teacher elected to the Teaching Council by primary teachers;  
  • A primary principal elected to the Teaching Council by primary principals;   
  • A secondary teacher elected to the Teaching Council by secondary teachers;  
  • A secondary principal elected to the Teaching Council by secondary principals;  
  • A teacher educator elected to the Teaching Council by teachers working in the fields of initial and ongoing teacher education;

The election process and timeframes are governed by the Teaching Council of Aotearoa Election Rules 2018. This means key dates will fall close to the end of Term 4 2021 and early in Term 1 2022. We understand these are busy times for teachers so we are going to share all the information and key dates here over the coming months, to ensure the process is easy to follow, and you have plenty of time to nominate and vote.    

Key dates:

Notice of election issued Monday 1 November 2021
Candidate nominations open Monday 1 November 2021
Term 4 2021 finishes (no later than) Monday 20 December 2021
Candidate nominations close Thursday 30 December at 12 noon
Candidate list issued Wednesday 26 January 2022
Electoral role closes Friday 28 January 2022
Auckland Anniversary Day Monday 31 January 2022
Waitangi Day Monday 7 February 2022
Term 1 2022 starts (no later than) Tuesday 8 February 2022
Electronic voting opens Tuesday 8 February 2022
Voting closes Monday 28 February 2022
New Board members take office Friday 1 July 2022


All dates are indicative only until confirmed.  

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What's required of a Teaching Council Board member?

Elected Board members must be registered teachers holding a current practising certificate, except for the teacher educator who must be a registered teacher with five or more years of experience and currently working in either (or both) the field of initial teacher education or ongoing teacher education. 

As a Board member you will be required to attend ten to eleven full day Board meetings per year, as well as reviewing papers received prior to the full day meeting. There may also be additional “out-of-cycle" Board meetings that require your attendance. Many meetings require travel and physical attendance although some are held via zoom. 

You may also be asked to sit on one of our three Committees, held monthly or bi-monthly: 

  • Risk, Audit and Finance  
  • Communications  
  • Human Resources and Remuneration  

The Teaching Council have advisory groups, often lead by a Board member (dependent on educational expertise). These hui are held as needed throughout the year.  

All hui attendance, travel and preparation are reimbursed if claimed for. Conflict of interests must be disclosed prior. 

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Role of the Board

Board members are collectively responsible for ensuring the Teaching Council acts in a manner consistent with its legislative functions and powers under the Education and Training Act (the Act) and that it exercises those functions efficiently and effectively. Board members are also responsible for ensuring the Teaching Council operates in a financially responsible manner.  

The collective and individual duties of all Board members are set out in Schedule 19 of the Act. 

The Board focuses on setting policy and strategic direction, ensuring an effective governance culture exists, oversight of the performance of the organisation, and managing risk.  

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