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New research from the Education Review Office

The Education Review Office’s (ERO) latest report, Education For All Our Children: Embracing Diverse Ethnicities, is an in-depth study of how learners from ethnic communities are faring in our education system. It raises concerns about racism encountered by these learners and acknowledges schools that are being innovative and changing their practices to reflect the ethnic diversity in their classroom. The Teaching Council’s Chief Executive, Lesley Hoskin, responded to this research in this article.

The ERO’s recent research highlights the fact that racism is still an issue in New Zealand and that it exists in many forms. The modules of our Unteach Racism app give users the chance to be better equipped in how to recognise and confront racism. Module eight of the app in particular focuses on equal treatment versus equality. The idea that everyone should be treated equally may seem like an entirely positive one. To unteach racism, we must recognise where societal inequities are limiting our learners and promote affirmative action that will help them achieve more equitable futures. Module 8 of the Unteach Racism app will support you to act now. We encourage you to think about and talk to your colleagues about whether the concept of 'colour-blindness' has limited the potential for affirmative action in your setting. If so, what can you change to disrupt this?