November 2022

The Teaching Council recently sought the views of relevant peak bodies and tumuaki | principals on a temporary policy change for issuing of LATs. Our proposal was to allow currently or previously registered kaiako | teachers without a practising certificate who are not intending on returning to teaching, to be issued with a LAT. The temporary policy change was proposed to assist with current kaiako | teacher supply issues affecting many kura | schools across the country.

The proposal received support from most respondents and so the Council has decided to implement a temporary change to the requirements for issuing a LAT as follows:

  • Applications for a LAT from previously or currently registered kaiako | teachers who do not hold a current practising certificate can be made until the end of term one 2023.
  • LATs issued under these circumstances will be issued for one year.
  • LATs issued under the temporary policy change will not be renewed.

This temporary policy change is intended to assist with current kaiako | teacher supply issues affecting many kura | schools, by providing a temporary measure to assist with relief staffing while longer-term solutions are investigated and implemented.

Processing LAT applications from previously or currently registered teachers

LAT applications for skills in short supply require a letter from a professional leader from one or more schools in the area the applicant is seeking to teach, attesting to the skill shortage. More information about LAT applications can be found on this page.

  1. The kaiako | teacher will first need to contact the delegated authoriser at the kura | school that will be employing them as a LAT and ask them to add “LAT role” on the Education Sector Logon system.
  2. The delegated authoriser will send the kaiako | teacher an Education Sector Logon (ESL) email which will allow them to set up an ESL with a LAT role.
  3. The kaiako | teacher should then log in to Hapori Matatū (the Council’s online application system) with a LAT role Education Sector Logon. They will be given the LAT questions to complete (rather than practising certificate renewal questions).
  4. When the Council receives a request for a LAT to be issued to a current or previously registered kaiako | teacher, the registration officer will first confirm that:
  • they do not intend to return to teaching longer term.
  • they do not want to complete a teacher refresh process to renew their registration and/or practising certificate.
  1. If the kaiako | teacher indicates they are not intending on returning to teaching, the registration officer will continue to process the application as a LAT.

Note that if the kaiako | teacher decides to resume their teaching career after their LAT expires, they will need to complete a teacher refresh process.

Read more about applying for a LAT here