The Rauhuia: Terenga Huihuinga | Symposia Series continues to provide insightful knowledge and examples of how we all have the capacity to be a leader regardless of our title or position. You can find videos of the first four symposia in the series on our website. 

Here is a schedule of remaining symposia in the series this year. Please note that the event originally scheduled for 25 May has been postponed until further notice. 

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Mana o te whenua – Moana: Thursday 24 August 

Exploring Pacific Perspectives on leadership. How we can connect with other leaders and traverse the vast oceans between our contexts.

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Mana o te whenua – Awa: Thursday 26 October 

Exploring Māori perspectives on leadership. How we engage and learn in our unique contexts to grow our own community network of leaders.  

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Mana o te whenua - Ahi Kā: Thursday 23 November 

How we keep the home fires burning for future generations of leaders. Exploring concepts of intergenerational knowledge, future-focused education, and clearing a path to the future.    

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