The next presentation in our Rauhuia: Terenga Huihuinga | Symposia Series focuses on Wairuatanga Me Te Manawaora - Leaders are valued for who they are.

Our guest speakers at this month’s event are Dr Jenny Ritchie, Associate Professor in Te Puna Akopai, the School of Education, at Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington, and Kat Alexopoulos and Tennessee Eccleston from Whitby Educare.

Dr Ritchie’s presentation positions the early childhood care and education sector in Aotearoa New Zealand as one that should be recognised as providing insight and inspiration for the field of educational leadership.

Kat Alexopoulos and Tennessee Eccleston will share where they have been, where they are now, and where they are headed to achieve the best possible outcomes for tamariki and whānau.

Here is a schedule of all symposia this year. Please visit the corresponding link to register your attendance. Please note that the February 23 event was postponed. We will announce details of when this symposium will be held when ready.


Mana Oranga  Ngā Tūmanako me te Ngākau Pai: Thursday 30 March

Leaders have a sense of purpose and are hopeful for the future. Leaders make decisions with their communities and trust them to determine the future.

Mana Oranga - Me Te Manawaora: Tuesday 2 May 

Leaders are valued for who they are. Leaders are connected to communities and the unique contexts they live and work in.

Mana o te whenua – Maunga: Thursday 25 May

Exploring our immediate physical landscape and the impact it has on our practice. Understanding the unique strengths of our community and their demonstrated leadership capability.

Mana o te whenua – Moana: Thursday 24 August

Exploring Pacific Perspectives on leadership. How we can connect with other leaders and traverse the vast oceans between our contexts.

Mana o te whenua – Awa: Thursday 26 October

Exploring Māori perspectives on leadership. How we engage and learn in our unique contexts to grow our own community network of leaders.

Mana o te whenua - Ahi Kā: Thursday 23 November

How we keep the home fires burning for future generations of leaders. Exploring concepts of intergenerational knowledge, future focussed education, and clearing a path to the future.