Elements of the Professional Growth Cycle for teachers and kaiako

The Professional Growth Cycle (PGC) for teachers and kaiako was implemented on 1 February 2021. Since then, three elements of the PGC in particular have generated professional interest and debate amongst teachers. To support that interest, the Council has just published three short videos which explain those three elements in greater detail and show how teachers can usefully approach those elements within their school, kura, or centre’s PGC. They can be regarded as individual ‘stand-alone’ videos, or some teachers may find it useful to watch all three.

Element A – Facilitating a common understanding of the Standards
Element C - Engaging in professional learning
Element D - Creating opportunities for observation and feedback

These three videos augment current teacher and kaiako PGC resources which can be found at our page on the Professional Growth Cycle.

For any further support with PGCs, please contact the Council at pgc@teachingcouncil.nz