Notice for ITE providers

The temporary changes to the ITE Programme Approval, Monitoring and Review Requirements ended on 31 December 2022.

Now the changes have ended, this means all ITE programmes revert to their previously approved models.


The temporary changes that ended are:


a 25 percent reduction in practical experience requirements

removing the requirement for ‘blocks’ of consecutive practical experience

removing the requirement for practical experience at ‘away’ centres and schools

removing the requirement for employment- and field-based ECE ITE student teachers to be employed for a minimum of 12 hours per week at an ECE centre

allowing employment- and field-based ITE programmes to use historical and future field and employment practice to meet practical experience requirements

allowing ‘alternative practical experiences’ to count towards practical experience requirements.

At current alert levels, the Teaching Council is confident that providers will be able to deliver programmes that meet the relevant Teaching Council requirements.

Emergency Response Policy

The Emergency Response Policy is now in place, which allows for temporary programme changes in an emergency. More information about the Emergency Response Policy including an application form can be found at

If you are planning to make permanent changes to an approved programme, please contact your lead advisor to signal this. For those programmes approved under the new requirements, section 8.8 sets out the basis of the process for making major changes.