The Teaching Council has been working with FrankAdvice on a project to develop a learning and measurement framework for Rauhuia. The framework will support decision-making around leadership actions and evaluation.

The purpose of the framework is not to evaluate teachers but to articulate what success of Rauhuia would look like and to take a view wider than just the Council’s work, so that we consider the desired collective impact of all the mahi in the area of educational leadership development. Hence, it is about creating a learning tool to help the Council understand what actions they can take to improve educational leadership and strengthen buy-in across the education system.

In Stage 1 of the framework development, we have run 6 workshops with 42 participants from different stakeholder groups. As a result, we developed a draft concept for the learning and measurement framework. We will soon move on to Stage 2 where more stakeholder engagement will occur to obtain feedback on the draft concept.

We would like to thank everyone who has participated in a workshop so far and look forward to further engaging with you. We highly value your contribution!

We expect to have a final learning and measurement framework for Rauhuia in May 2023.