The Teaching Council Governing Board recently accepted the invitation from Government to establish a Leadership Centre, made as part of the Tomorrow's Schools review. 

The profession will have the independence and control to shape its own future and realise the Leadership Strategy, which was developed and is owned by teachers. We campaigned to have the right for the Leadership Centre to be established by the profession, for the profession.

The Board intends for the Centre to take a new approach to leadership that will provide all teachers with the opportunity to develop capable, adaptive and inspirational leadership - regardless of role or position. 

You may be wondering what the funding implications of this are, particularly in light of the recent fees consultation. There is more work to be done here, once we know what the Centre design will be. However, we are expecting that following the establishment of the Centre, the delivery of leadership development will be funded from centralised PLD funding or a government budget bid. In other words, you won't be paying for future PLD opportunities through the Leadership Centre. 

While we have accepted the invitation, there is still a lot of work to do around the shape and functions of the Centre as we want clarity of the role and responsibilities we are accepting and how they fit within the design of the education system. An important component of this design will be working with the profession to create the right model to support the aspiration of the Maori medium sector to grow leadership.

Read Board Chair Nicola Ngarewa's acceptance letter to the Minister of Education, which sets out the intentions of the Governing Board. 

Keep an eye out for your opportunity to feed into this exciting mahi in the future!