We’ve recently completed a report evaluating the ITE programmes approved under the new standards. Monitoring was undertaken for programmes delivered by nine ITE providers – five universities, three Private Training Establishments (PTE), and one Institute of Technology/Polytechnic (ITP) in 2021/22.  

One of the legislative functions of the Council is the Approval, Monitoring, and Review of ITE programmes that lead to registration and certification in Aotearoa. In 2019, the ITE Programme Approval, Monitoring, and Review Requirements were published, setting new expectations. All ITE providers were required to develop new ITE programmes with partner schools and ECE services.    

Summary of the report’s findings – click the link below for more! 

  • The new ITE programmes are performing well and overall are meeting the intent and vision of the new ITE requirements with key shifts embraced by providers and featuring as strong aspects of programmes.  
  • ITE Providers are clear which aspects of programme delivery require further focus and strengthening. For example, the development of relationships with iwi and rūnanga from a largely strategic focus to a more operational focus, particularly in developing localised programme content, and supporting te reo Māori teaching.  
  • Providers spoke positively of the changes implemented as a result of the 2019 requirements. Of note are the benefits that they see beginning to emerge for student teachers who now have a significantly increased amount of time in professional experience placements in centres and classrooms.  
  • Providers did note pressures on both staff and student teachers. For staff, this means workload implications associated with programme expectations. For student teachers, it has been the challenges of managing study with paid employment. For some, this was particularly associated with meeting the requirements for professional experience placements.  

You can read the full report here: