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Application forms

At what stage prior to the expiry date can a teacher reapply for a practising certificate?

The new policy Teacher Registration, Practising Certificates and Limited Authority to Teach has revised the application period for teachers to reapply for their practising certificate prior to the expiry date. 

The application period is now three months; teachers can renew their practising certificate up to three months before the expiry date.  Applications submitted earlier than three months before expiry will not be processed.

Why three months?

Review and approval of a practising certificate application is based on the most recent teaching information submitted and the commitment agreed to by the teacher as part of the application process in Hapori Matatū.  This is then considered as part of the endorsement approval process. 

Key factors that require a three month application period:

  • The Teaching Council needs to ensure the police vet check is current.
  • The teacher application details submitted is based on satisfactory recent teaching.
  • Endorsement by the professional leader is centred on the teacher meeting or likely to meet the Standards for the Teaching Profession | Ngā Paerewa mō te Umanga Whakaakoranga; having completed satisfactory recent professional development; and made progress in te reo and tikanga Māori.
  • The move to Hapori Matatū, which is more streamlined, will allow for a quicker application process and therefore making the old six month period redundant.

Through Hapori Matatū and our new smart forms, teachers can renew their practising certificate up to three months before the expiry date.  Applications submitted earlier than three months will not be processed and the payment will be refunded.

Should I use Hapori Matatū or the smart forms to apply for or renew my practising certificate?

If you have a practising certificate and are associated with a school/kura/centre or ITE provider, and need to renew your practising certificate, please log in to Hapori Matatū. You can then select the Registration and Certification tab to start the application process or look out for the orange ‘Apply now to re-certify’ button. Teachers can renew their practising certificate up to three months before the expiry date.

If you are a new New Zealand teacher or graduate, overseas trained teacher, a teacher not currently employed or associated with a school/kura/centre or ITE provider (for example, a reliever), or a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) holder, please use the applicable smart forms below to apply for registration and/or certification.

Overseas trained teachers

If you have lodged an EC15 (overseas teacher) application and you have received an employment offer to teach within a New Zealand school or early childhood centre, please contact us immediately. Our priority is to have teachers able to teach where they have a definite job offer.

Please keep in mind that it can take us around six to twelve weeks to process an application, depending on its complexity.

Application process

To apply for your registration, a practising certificate or Limited Authority to Teach please use the specific form for your situation below. These forms are designed to be filled in on screen. Printing the form and filling it out by hand might result in your application being incomplete, which can delay the application process as we will need to request further information is provided. 

Please complete all the sections of the form then print, hand sign and date the relevant pages, get the necessary endorsements from identity referees and professional leaders. Send the form with any required supporting documents to the Council using the contact details below. Remember to include the application processing fee. The fee is non-refundable so please make sure you're eligible before you apply. 

Before you complete your form, please read the proof of identity information. It's important you complete this section fully and correctly, otherwise your application may be delayed.

Smart forms

When using the smart forms please click on the appropriate link in the table below and download and save to your desktop.  You can then open the saved form, fill it out and save again.  It is now ready for you to print and sign.  Remember to get your referee to also sign it if required. Please post the completed form to the Teaching Council.

Smart form Application type Form

A New Zealand teaching graduate applying to teach for the first time; OR

A previously New Zealand registered teacher whose registration expired prior to July 2015

Registration and/or Certification TC10

An overseas trained teacher without any form of New Zealand teacher registration.

A teacher registered in Australia applying for a New Zealand practising certificate under the Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement (TTMRA).

Registration and/or Certification TC15
Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) LAT TC40

A teacher not currently employed or associated with a school/kura/centre e.g. a reliever or a teacher returning to the profession.

Teachers can renew their practising certificate up to three months before the expiry date.

Certification TC30/90

Not associated with a school/kura/centre or ITE provider and renewing a provisional practising certificate.

Teachers can renew their practising certificate up to three months before the expiry date.

Certification TC-80
Proof of Identity Proof of Identity POI
Proof of Identity if currently residing overseas Proof of Identity POI-OS
Conflict of Interest Conflict of Interest COI
Endorsement for Professional Leaders Endorsement  Professional Leader Endorsement
Return to Practice Plan   RTP