Download a digital copy of the Capability Framework

The Educational Leadership Capability Framework (the Capability Framework) is designed to support the Leadership Strategy | Rautaki Kaihautū to advance educational leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The profession told us they supported the development of a leadership capability framework during  consultation on the draft Leadership Strategy. This led us to commission the New Zealand Council of Educational Research to develop the Capability Framework. 

The Capability Framework gives life to the Leadership Strategy | Rautaki Kaihautūand outlines the core educational capabilities needed for effective leadership across different levels of the profession. It provides all teachers with a practical tool to identify, grow and develop their leadership capability. It also illustrates what leadership looks like in practice, in kura, schools, and early childhood education services.  

The capabilities can be used to:

  • Shape and critically reflect on programmes, individual pathways and overall practice, and organisational strengths and needs
  • Make decisions about priorities for new learning. 

The Capability Framework draws on the existing guidance in educational leadership such as the Ministry of Education’s Tū Rangatira for Māori medium educational leadership, Kiwi Leadership for Principals, as well as ERO’s School Evaluation Indicators and Early Childhood Services Evaluation Indicators.