What you said: supporting the use of RT after a registered teacher's name

Remember last month when we asked you if you support using the initials RT after a registered teacher’s name? We’d like to share what we heard from you.

We heard from about 50 teachers, and two thirds of you would support the idea. Some of you like how this would create a point of differentiation from those with a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT), and unqualified ECE teachers. And some feel that it’s a good idea but needs to happen alongside other efforts to raise the status of the profession.

Here are some of your comments:

“I am proud of our profession and see this as a way of signifying that we belong to this profession.”

“I think it acknowledges us as working professionals who have to be checked and measured against professional standards.”

Of those who didn’t support the idea of using the RT initials, most of you thought it was unnecessary. Some of you said that you already have too many letters after your name, or that you feel you can call yourself a registered teacher as it is. A few of you said you teach for the tamariki, and don’t need any more recognition. Some feel that using initials after one’s name is not enough to raise the public’s opinion of the profession. Some feel that RT doesn’t carry the mana of other titles, like GP, and that other issues need to be addressed to raise the status of the profession. There is also a concern about creating division between registered teachers and others, such as LAT holders.

We also received some alternate suggestions for initials that could be used, including NZRegTch, FRT (Full Registered Teacher, with a separate initial for provisionally certificated teachers), QT (Qualified Teacher), NZTRTSec (NZ Trained and Registered Teacher, Secondary, or other sector).

Now you’ve heard what some of your colleagues think, can you provide us with a quick yes or no response using this poll? If we get a strong indication of support from teachers, we will explore the idea further.

We’ll share the final results of our poll in our Matatū email newsletter.


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