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What is a Practising Certificate?

A current practising certificate signals that a teacher has recently demonstrated that they are of good character and fit to be a teacher, have had a satisfactory Police vet and have either:

  • been meaningfully appraised using, and have met, all of the Practising Teacher Criteria; or
  • demonstrated to a professional leader who recently employed them that they are likely to be able to meet the Practising Teacher Criteria, once they are employed in a teaching position that enables meaningful appraisal.

The category of practising certificate indicates the stage a teacher is at in their career:

A provisionally certificated teacher:

  • is usually a newly qualified teacher, or new to the New Zealand teaching profession; and
  • is required to undertake a supervised induction and mentoring programme to meet, with evidence, the Practising Teacher Criteria for the first time.

A fully certificated teacher:

  • is an experienced teacher; and
  • has completed satisfactory recent teaching experience within the last five years; and
  • has recently been meaningfully appraised using, and has met, the Practising Teacher Criteria.

A teacher certificated subject to confirmation:

  • is an experienced teacher; and
  • for valid reasons has not been able to meaningfully appraised using the Practising Teacher Criteria within the last five years.