What do I need to know about fees and my collective agreement?

Some collective agreement terms come to an end this year. If your current practising certificate expires after the date the collective agreement has expired it will mean that you’ll need to pay the fee to be issued, or renew your practising certificate. 

If your practising certificate expires within term of the relevant collective agreement, you can have your practising certificate paid. If your practising certificate expires after the agreement expiry date you will be required to pay the fee even if you renew early. You will also be responsible for paying any late fees you incur.

To find out for sure if you’re eligible for a fee exemption, it’s a good idea to have a look at the dates and conditions of your collective agreement. Here’s a link to of each of the collective agreements, and the dates they apply:

Area School Teachers' Collective Agreement 2016-2019 (8/04/16 - 7/04/19) (You may also find this FAQ document from the PPTA useful)

Area School Principals' Collective Agreement 2016-2019 (30/06/16 - 29/06/19)

Secondary Principals' Collective Agreement 2016-2019 (12/05/16 - 11/05/19)

Kindergarten Teachers, Head Teachers & Senior Teachers Collective Agreement 2017-2019 (1/6/17 - 31/5/19)

The following collective agreement terms have now expired: 

Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement 2015-2018 (28/10/15 - 31/10/18) (You may also find this FAQ document from the PPTA about payment of fees useful.)

Primary Teachers' Collective Agreement 2016-2018 (9/06/16 - 8/06/18)

Primary Principals' Collective Agreement 2016-2018 (17/05/16 - 16/05/18)

How do I know if I’m affected?

The collective agreements that expire this year are those for Area School Teachers (expires 7 April), Area School Principals (expires 29 June), Secondary Principals (expires 11 May), Kindergarten Teachers (expires 31 May). You will need to pay the application fee to be issued or renew your practising certificate if your practising certificate expires after the date the collective agreement expires.

Who is eligible for a fee exemption or reimbursement?

Most teachers are only eligible to have their practising certificate fee paid once. If you are applying for a full practising certificate for the first time during the term of your agreement, and the fee for your provisional practising certificate was paid for, you may be eligible for a second fee payment by the Secretary of Education.

What do I do if I am exempt from paying the fee?

If you are eligible, you can use the fee exemption and reimbursement form. Fill out the form, have it signed by your principal or professional leader, and post it to us with the rest of your application materials. Remember that you are responsible for paying any late fees associated with your application.

You’ll find more information about applications on our forms page