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An update – If You Are One of the 38,000 Teachers Affected by the Last Year’s Law Change

14 December 2016

If you last renewed your practising certificate between 1 July 2014 and June 2015 you are affected by the changes to the Education Act that created the new registration and practising certificate processes. Your practising certificate will expire on 1 July 2017.

We have developed an interim practising certificate as a way around this issue. The interim PC will be issued to the date your practising certificate would have originally expired.

If you are affected by this change we will be contacting you personally advising you about how to apply for the interim PC. You do not have to do anything until we contact you in February.

The register will still show you as a registered teacher with a provisional, full or subject to confirmation practising certificate - just as it does now.

You will not need to go through the standard renewal process to be issued with an interim practising certificate; however you will need to go through the renewal process as you would normally when this interim practising certificate expires. In the meantime check here to see if you’re affected. If you are, please make sure we have your correct details.

This is a simple process and there will be no additional cost to applying for the interim PC.

If you are not sure, or have any questions please email us at