Teacher certification and working in home-based ECE services

Lately, we’ve received a number of inquiries from ECE teachers working in home-based networks about being issued with and maintaining a practising certificate.

Home-based education and care is an increasingly popular choice for family and whānau with many teachers now employed in this sector. We hear there’s some confusing information being advertised by some networks and we’d like to provide clarity for you on this issue.

As a coordinator, you’re required to be both ECE qualified and hold a practising certificate. You’ll have the responsibility for overseeing the education and care, comfort, health and safety of the children, and providing professional leadership and support to the home-based educators within your network. It is this teaching role, the coordinator, which is recognised towards the teaching service requirements to be issued with and renew your full practising certificate.

By law, anyone employed in a designated teaching position in schools, kura, kindergartens and in most positions in the ECE setting, must be registered and hold a current practising certificate. A home-based educator role is not a designated teaching position, so you aren’t required to hold a teaching qualification or a practising certificate. We recognise that being a home-based educator can provide rewarding experience working with small groups of children.

However, this is not a role which involves the same scope, challenges, opportunities, and level of expectations as a teaching role; and is reflected in the minimum requirements for the role. Employment in the educator role is not recognised as teaching experience, so it doesn’t count as “teaching practice” for the renewal of a full practising certificate.

If you have any questions about what this means for you, please get in touch with our call centre on 04 471 0852 or by email at enquiries@educationcouncil.org.nz, Monday to Friday.



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