Submission on Tomorrow's Schools Review

A profession-led system will bring equity and excellence into our schools

If the review of Tomorrow’s Schools is serious about bringing excellence and equity into New Zealand schools, it must be serious about investing in a profession-led system, says the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand, in its submission on the review.

The Education Council's submission puts quality teachers and learning at the heart of New Zealand’s education system which includes early childhood education, schools and kura. It is teachers who are engaging with learners and communities every day. It is teachers as professionals who demand high standards and behaviours of themselves as expressed through the Code of Professional Responsibility and the Standards for the Teaching Profession launched last year.

The Education Council was deliberately mandated with functions to establish the conditions for a self-managing profession accountable for its performance. The Council works with teachers and leaders right across the sector to build professionalism and quality teaching practice because the evidence is clear that teachers have the biggest impact on learner achievement.

The submission endorses the collective leadership of the Education Council as a professional body and teachers exhibiting a professional identity, because of the positive impact of this on equitable outcomes for every learner in Aotearoa New Zealand. For this reason, the review must consider a profession-led system and the role of teachers and their professional body in effecting change.

Leadership from the Education Council and within the teaching profession has positioned all teachers as agents of change. They can accelerate the transformation of New Zealand’s education system which cannot be done by government agencies alone or by structural changes, and so the Board and the Education Council welcome the opportunity to participate in this important review.

Read the Education Council submission on the Tomorrow’s School Review.

Published 13 August 2018

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