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Renewing a full practising certificate

How to renew your practising certificate – information for teachers with full certification.

To be employed as a teacher in a school in New Zealand, you need to hold a current practising certificate and certification in any category from the Teaching Council.

Check out the step by step guide to renewing your full practising certificate.

Once you are a fully certificated teacher you need to renew your practising certificate every three years. You are eligible to maintain full certification if you:
  • are of good character and fit to be a teacher
  • have completed satisfactory professional development within the last three years
  • have completed satisfactory recent teaching service
  • have been meaningfully assessed against and have met the Standards for the Teaching Profession.

How to renew your practising certificate

If you have full certification, meet the above requirements and your practising certificate is due to expire, use the EC30 application form. Teachers in schools with an Education Sector logon can renew online

Changes to renewal of practising certificates

The Education Council is implementing a change, effective 1 July 2017, to the way applications for renewal of practising certificates are processed for those few teachers who are subject to an unresolved mandatory report or complaint. Some parts of the interim policy will no longer apply.

Practising certificates will be renewed for applicants who meet all criteria except they have a current complaint or mandatory report in the system and may not have their application endorsed by their professional leader. This change is necessary to ensure the disciplinary bodies and the Competence Authority have access to the full range of powers available to address conduct and competence issues.

The change relates to applications in this specific circumstance only and we will advise principals and centre leaders affected by individual applications that are approved.

The renewal of a practising certificate is not an indication of the outcome of the investigation of the complaint or mandatory report.   

Applying for a practising certificate subject to confirmation (STC) 

If you currently hold full certification but have not met the requirements to renew your full practising certificate, you may renew a practising certificate in the certification category subject to confirmation (STC) using the EC90 application forms.

STC certification is a category of practising certificate for experienced teachers who, for valid reasons, have not recently been able to be meaningfully assessed using and meet the Standards for the Teaching Profession.

Police clearance

New Zealand police clearances

The Education Act 1989 requires the Teaching Council to obtain a police vet prior to registering and granting a practising certificate or Limited Authority to Teach. On completion of the Consent to Disclosure of Information section of all application forms, the Council requests information directly from the New Zealand Police Vetting and Validation Service.

Overseas police clearances

If you have lived for a period of 12 months or more in any country other than New Zealand within the last 10 years, you must get a national police clearance certificate from that country, which covers the entire period of time you lived there. See how to get an overseas police clearance.