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Comments from Early Childhood Education Appraisal PLGs

"Our PLG is made up of teachers from a Montessori Early Childhood Centre, an Education and Care Centre and kindergarten teachers and senior teachers. Because we are all based here in (small city) and attended the appraisal of teachers workshop it seemed appropriate that we form a group. Having a mixed service group was valuable as we all get very familiar with our own procedures but it is most refreshing to hear of other ways that work well. Through sharing our experiences it became clear to me that appraisal systems and processes vary greatly across the sector. Some teachers had experienced appraisal systems that have left them feeling uncomfortable about appraisal. I think that having a specific task for the PLG to undertake or engage with is most useful - although I value the opportunity just to network with others and hear about their innovative practice as well." 

"Our PLG group was formed because we were in close proximity to each other (30 minutes travel), to revisit and engage in conversations around appraisal. Meeting in our PLG supports us to exchange ideas around the appraisal work that we are currently engaged in. Our Secondary colleagues also get to know what's happening in the Early Childhood Sector. It has given me an opportunity to establish a professional relationship with our Secondary colleagues who live in our community, rather than just seeing them at the workshops."

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