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Principals and Tumuaki

Annual performance management/appraisal

Requirements for a Principal's Appraisal [.pdf]

The Principal Performance Agreement template examples for primary, area and secondary school principals have been developed in consultation with education sector group representatives. These are designed as examples that illustrate how performance agreement and summary report requirements can be recorded.  Please feel free to amend the template to reflect your processes as they meet the requirements. Guidelines to support your use and show how to align the Standards for the Teaching Profession with the Professional Standards are included. This template is soon to be updated to reflect the new standards.

Principal Performance Agreement [download the .doc]

Guide for Primary Principals [download the .doc]

Guide for Area and Secondary Principals [download the .doc]

Appraisal documentation

This section recognises the importance of formal and informal conversation about practice and outcomes with your board chair and your appraiser

Talking about appraisal with your board chair - a webinar

The Education Review Office documents provide useful discussion starters for ongoing conversations about inquiry, evaluation and appraisal

Education Review Office: Effective School Evaluation (p. 11-20)

21 School Evaluation Indicators (p. 19-25)

The Principal: Three Keys to Maximigins Impact. (Fullan, M) Jossey - Bass 2014 [.pdf]

To help you think about leading learning in your setting

Coherence: Putting your inner drive into overdrive (Fullan, 2015) [.pdf]

Monograph (Fullan, 2015) [.pdf]

Example objective recording using Performance Agreement Template [download the .doc]

Appraisal report

At the end of the Performance Agreement plan in the first section there is a template for the Principal’s annual summary report. Alternatively the model below, with one example completed may be preferred.

NZSTA Appraisal Reporting Policy