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Ongoing subsidy of Teacher Education Refresh programmes

The Government has extended its commitment to covering the cost of teachers completing Teacher Education Refresh (TER) programmes beyond June 2018. In the Budget 2018, the Ministry of Education received funding to allow teachers continued access to subsidised TER courses for the next four years.

Find out if you need to do TER and information on providers. 

New Zealand's teaching profession is well-regarded internationally and the government recognises the importance of teacher education refresh in helping to maintain these high standards of teaching expertise. 

Previously, there was feedback from teachers that the cost involved in the programme was a barrier to returning to the profession. This was most often an issue for teachers who worked in relieving roles since gaining registration or who may not have worked enough hours each year to get the induction and mentoring they needed to meet the Education Council's requirements for full certification. In December 2017 the Minister of Education announced $1.250m of funding to fully subsidise teacher participation in the TER for programmes commencing between 1 January and 30 June. The demand for TER was more than expected and in March 2018 the Ministry reprioritised funding to allocate a further $700,000 to help more teachers into classrooms through TER. 


New Zealand’s teaching profession is well-regarded internationally and the Government recognises the importance of TER in helping to maintain these high standards of teaching expertise.

  • The Government will cover the cost of the Teacher Education Refresher course (TER) for limited numbers for the next four years
  • This is for teachers returning to teaching or whose registration has otherwise lapsed, including those returning from maternity or parental leave
  • Only teachers who have been provisionally certificated for six or more years since registering, or teachers registering with the Council who completed their initial teacher education qualification more than six years ago, are likely to be required to undertake TER
  • If a teacher holds Subject to Confirmation certification, they do not have to complete the Teacher Education Refresh (TER) Programme
  • The courses take between three weeks and six months to complete. They are designed to be flexible so that each teacher completes only the modules they need, and can work while they do so
  • Around 854 teachers have enrolled in programmes since the subsidy was first announced in December 2017
  • The Education Council is responsible for administering the organisations who deliver the TER programmes and monitoring their standards. We do not deliver TER ourselves and we do not receive any revenue from it


The Ministry of Education, the Education Council, NZQA and Immigration New Zealand have developed a set of pre-approved teaching qualifications to help fast-track applications from overseas teachers to work in New Zealand.

These changes mean that overseas teachers with relevant qualifications from England and Wales, Ireland, Canada and Fiji can complete the NZQA process at no cost, with both qualification and teacher registration processes competed within 10 days

Clearly, any overseas teachers must meet all of our Police checks and other critical immigration standards, as well as having the right qualifications and experience to join the teaching profession in Aotearoa New Zealand.