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Kāhui Ako - Appraisal

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The appraisal materials for principals, ECE and teachers provide information relevant to teachers and leaders in Kāhui Ako. There are additional appraisal resources being developed for appraisal for these roles.

Performance Review and Appraisal

Appraisal requirement information

Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako leader's appraisal

Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako leader's role: appraisal information for boards

Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako across school teacher's role: appraisal information for boards

Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako across school teacher's appraisal 


Appraisal System - what has changed now that you're in a Kāhui Ako?

Role selection and appointment


The Tapasā framework will help teachers to contextualise quality teaching and learning by providing a Pacific lens to the Standards for the Teaching Profession. Teachers interpret and refine their own understandings of what each of the standards looks like in their setting. For many teachers in Aotearoa New Zealand, Tapasā will be a key resource for thinking about teachers’ practice and quality learning for Pacific learners.


Tātaiako will be revised to reflect the Standards for the Teaching Profession, however it is still a valuable resource in its current form. It is a lens through which to view and inform your practice across all of the Standards. The Standards, like the Tātaiako cultural competencies, are holistic and the elaborations provide more information about practices that reflect them. As you consider what the Standards look like in your setting, Tātaiako continues to provide examples of practice and outcomes. 

Collective Agreements and Guidelines

Primary teachers' collective agreement

Secondary teachers' collective agreement

Area school teachers' collective agreement

Goals and Inquiry

It is not a Council requirement to have inquiry as the centrepiece of your appraisal system. These sections of the website contain resources about inquiry, to illustrate what the approach could look like if you decide to use inquiry in that way. However, you may continue to centre your system (and evidence) around the six standards or around a goal or goals. The document Putting together your evidence folder or portfolio provides more information about these options.

Leadership BES School Leadershop Cases (Ministry of Education, 2009) - This reference can help you think about worthy leadership goals. 

When thinking about the focus of an inquiry or making decisions about the progress, consider these resources. 

Ka Hikitia [.pdf]

Pasifika Education [.pdf]

Auditor General's Report, Education for Maori: Using information to improve Māori educational success, June 2016 [.pdf]

Tu Rangatira

Ontario Leadership Strategy: Five Core Capacities of Effective Leaders

Spiral of inquiry: leaders leading learning

Collaborative Sense Making

The Principal: Three Keys to Maximigins Impact. (Fullan, M) Jossey - Bass 2014 [.pdf]

To help you think about leading learning in your setting

Coherence: Putting your inner drive into overdrive (Fullan, 2015) [.pdf]

Monograph (Fullan, 2015) [.pdf]