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Fees consultation

Thank you to the more than 24,000 teachers and professional leaders who had their say in the proposed fees consultation. We are currently analysing the results. The governing body of the Teaching Council will carefully consider all the feedback over the next two months.


Summary of the proposed changes

Since establishment in 2015 the Teaching Council has received a significant amount of funding from government on the understanding that we would be independently financially sustainable from 1 July 2020.

The current three-yearly fee of $220.80 paid by teachers for registration/certification, or renewal of a practising certificate, was last increased in 2010. Since then the Council’s functions have significantly expanded.

With the end of government transition funding on 30 June 2020, and current teacher fees only covering around 40% of the expenditure required to carry out our functions, we are concerned that we will be unable to deliver our statutory obligations with the current fee settings. We are therefore consulting on proposed options to increase fees to ensure the ongoing financial sustainability of the Teaching Council.

The table below sets out two key elements of the proposed fee increases, but there are other changes as well, for overseas teachers and provisionally certificated teachers.

Full details of proposed fees under each option | Full consultation document

Ripanga Rāpopoto Uiuinga Utu He uiuinga mō ētahi huringa e marohitia ana mō Matatū Aotearoa

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for teachers

Q&A Videos

We gathered some answers to common questions or misconceptions and have answered them in short video snippets. Simply click on a question below and watch the answer.

Q: What does my money pay for?

Q: Why are there only two options – pay more or pay even more?

Q: Why is the consultation period only 4 weeks and held at one of the busiest times of the year?

Q: There’s a teacher shortage – this will discourage people from starting or continuing their teaching career!