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Education Council supporting teachers with online services

19 February 2018

The Education Council is creating a new user-friendly and teacher-focused online platform for the teaching profession.

“While this platform has the potential to be used by all education agencies, the initial purpose is to provide the Education Council with streamlined core business functions. Paper-based registration and certification processes will be replaced and automated, and teacher competence and conduct systems will be improved, along with communication and collaboration tools,” says Lesley Hoskin, deputy chief executive of the Education Council.

A priority for the Education Council is improving its core processes that allow information to be shared securely between teachers and supporting education agencies. The Council will also be able to engage more effectively with the profession to facilitate discussions, lead debates and provide educational leadership.

The Education Council collaborated with other education agencies to choose a platform and implementation partner to deliver the online platform following an open procurement process late last year.

The platform Salesforce was chosen as the preferred tool to meet the combined needs of education agencies now and in the future. Wellington-based Davanti Consulting has been appointed as the implementation partner.

The Education Council will be consulting with a range of teachers and teaching representatives from across the sector, to design a platform that meets the needs of the profession.

The implementation phase is estimated to occur in the last quarter of 2018. Once the platform goes live, it will offer an improved customer service experience, enabling teachers to complete their certification online and have better access to advice and information, and support for professional learning and development.