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Education Council Seeks Music Teacher Programme RFP

September 29, 2016

The Education Council has worked with the two groups representing music teachers to provide a refresher programme aimed at keeping music teachers up to date with teaching.The Council is now seeking a selective request for proposal from the Institute of Registered Music Teachers NZ (IRMTNZ) and Music Education Aotearoa (MENZA). Council deputy chief executive Lesley Hoskin says this is a big step towards resolving a long-standing issue.

“There are some fantastic music teachers out there who just teach music – and do it brilliantly. There are kids out there who want that specialist teaching, and schools that want to meet that need. The last thing we want to do is put up barriers to providing specialist music teacher services. But, we are the professional body responsible for maintaining high standards of competence and conduct for all teachers and we have to balance those tensions.

“That’s why we’ve come up with this proposal to work with the two specialist groups representing music teachers to design a refresher programme aimed specifically at music teachers.”

Mrs Hoskin says the details of the programme are yet to be worked through, but music teachers will still need to register to teach, hold current practising certificates and meet the standards required of all teachers.

“We want to have the programme up and running in the new school year and we aim to make it more accessible. There will be a strong online component for convenience so barriers such as travel and accommodation costs will be removed.”

MENZA chairperson Tim Carson says his organisation is looking forward to working with the IRMT on a combined proposal.

“We appreciate the efforts of the Education Council in listening to our concerns and working collaboratively with us on this proposal.”

IRMTNZ vice president Wendy Hunt agrees.

“We are enthusiastic about working with the Education Council and MENZA to develop a teacher registration process for ITMs that captures the values and principles for quality music education, and so ITMs can maintain a rewarding and valued career.”


Retraining itinerant music teachers has been an issue for several years. Itinerant music teachers who haven’t maintained their current practising certificates must undergo a generalist teacher education refresh (TER) programme. Itinerant music teachers have asserted this is unnecessary and a barrier to continuing with their unique music teaching careers.

The new Education Council is also looking at other options for delivering the TER programme for general teachers such as using online and video technologies to. It’s meeting with representative from the profession in October to progress this work.