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Disruption to Mail Supply

21 November 2016

The Kaikoura earthquakes have affected our mail supply. We haven’t received any mail since November 11 and at this stage we’re not sure when our mail will be delivered. If you have urgent mail for us please either scan and email it to us before sending the physical copy or have it couriered to the Education Council, Level 12, 80 Boulcott Street, Wellington. If you’ve sent documents to us since the 11th and you have an electronic copy, we suggest you resend them by email or courier. You’ll need to check with your mail provider as to the status of your documents. This also means you can expect a delay in getting your documents returned – but you will still receive an email acknowledgement when your information arrives. We’ll put all hands to the pump when the mail comes through to clear our backlogs and get things moving again. We’re really sorry about any inconvenience folks but these things are beyond our control at the moment. If you have any questions just give us a call on 04 4710852