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Consultation Begins on a Leadership Strategy for Every Teacher

06 December 2017

The Education Council is embarking on its latest consultation with the profession by publishing a draft leadership strategy.

“We’ve been working with the profession, academics, Māori, providers, and our shared education agencies for the past 12 months to build an inclusive leadership strategy,” explains Frances Nelson, the Education Council’s Centre for Leadership Excellence convenor.

“We believe Aotearoa needs an education system that’s flexible enough to reshape itself in response to the needs of our children and young people, and to do that, we need adaptive leadership at all levels. The strategy we’ve been developing in close collaboration with the profession will allow us to systematically grow that leadership capability for all registered teachers, not just those in leadership positions.”

In the Education Council’s 2016-2021 Strategic Plan, there’s an explicit focus on enabling leadership in and of the profession; this focus reflects the legislation the Council is working to, namely “…to provide leadership to teachers and direction for the education profession (Education Act 1989, s 382(1)(a)).”

The draft Strategy for leadership capability development covers four key areas:

·         Stewardship of leadership practice and learning

·         Capabilities of leadership

·         Personalised learning pathways for leaders

·         Community ecosystems and networks

“Our development process has been really inclusive and there’s been opportunities for everyone in our working groups to meet and to critique each other’s work,” Nelson says. “We hope this kind of engagement continues through into the consultation process, and that teachers across the country choose to get involved – that’s why we’ve given such a long period for the strategy to be open for feedback.”

The Leadership strategy consultation is open now until the end of March 2018. You can download the strategy, participate in the consultation and find out more information about our work in this area by following this link:

About the Education Council
The Education Council is an independent statutory body established in July 2015 as the professional body for teachers. It represents all teachers from early childhood education through to primary and secondary schooling in English and Māori medium schools.

The Council’s role is to provide leadership and help strengthen the regulatory framework and disciplinary regime for teaching, and, at the same time, working collaboratively with the wider education ecosystem to boost the status of teaching, strengthening accountability and enabling consistently high standards.


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