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Latest appraisal news

As part of the collective bargaining between the Government, PPTA and NZEI, an ‘Accord’ was developed to build an environment where the teaching profession is highly regarded, sustainable, and fit for now and the future of learning. The Accord was ratified by PPTA and NZEI members. Please use this link to read more.

One element of the Accord proposes removing teacher performance appraisal as an accountability instrument. This commitment offers an exciting step forward and we’ll be engaging with the unions, Government and the broader profession, ensuring any changes we make will be for the whole profession, including the ECE sector.

There may need to be changes in legislation to give effect to any new arrangements, and these will take time, so right now it’s business as usual. In the interim we’re looking at some immediate quick wins to reduce compliance on appraisal and help teachers to benefit from it for their development. For example, one thing we’re doing right now, is revising our information on current expectations. There will be an update on this early in term three.