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Apply for an Extension to Teach

An extension enables a professional leader to employ someone in a teaching position while their practising certificate or authorisation is being processed. An Extension to Teach may be granted to an applicant if they have a fully paid, pending application for a practising certificate with us, and if they teach in a sector where registration is compulsory.

The Education Act allows for a teacher to teach in the general education system without a practising certificate for up to 10 full days or 20 half days in a calendar year. If the teacher needs to teach beyond these 10 days, an extension could cover this time.

Who could be eligible for an extension?

Extensions are only available to those who have an application pending and who teach in a sector where holding a current practising certificate is compulsory.  This means those employed in a teaching position in school settings and kindergartens may be eligible for an extension. But because it is not mandatory for all those employed in teaching positions in Early Childhood Education centres an extension is not required as employment is still lawful.

You may be eligible for an extension if you:

  • currently have an application for a practising certificate pending with the Teaching Council and your registration has expired and you will be teaching beyond the 10 days allowed after the expiry of your practising certificate or your Limited Authority to Teach
  • are applying for the first time for a practising certificate and you have been asked to teach before this has been granted, and
  • are employed in a teaching position in a setting where holding a practising certificate is compulsory, and
  • are doing everything you can to provide the information as soon as possible, and some of the information that is required to finalise your application has been delayed beyond your control.

Criteria for providing an Extension to Teach

An extension can only be granted if:

  • a formal application is received
  • your professional leader has requested, and supports, the application
  • the applicant is not under investigation
  • if there are no concerns about the applicant. If concerns are raised, or the applicant's conduct or competence is being investigated, the professional leader must demonstrate he or she is aware of the nature and extent of any concerns. If a request for an extension is made the professional leader must include a letter with it showing they are aware of these concerns and the action taken to address them.

Extensions for relief teachers

If the points above apply to you and you are a relief teacher you may be eligible for an extension. Relief teachers only need to have to one school's professional leader apply for an extension. One extension will cover you for teaching across several schools.

How to apply for an extension

An extension request must be made by the professional leader of the school, kura or centre and can be made online.

The standard processing time for an extension is five working days. An approval for an extension is sent directly to the school employing the applicant. Any follow-up enquiry should be addressed to