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Academic Forum

Academic Forum (1 of 2), 27 February 2017

Focussing questions:
Achieving valued learner outcomes in our fast changing world requires adaptive leadership focused on evidence at all levels of a flexible system. What does effective leadership in a future New Zealand context look like and why?

Our challenge lies in translating the knowledge about what leaders do that works into a shared practice.  How will we achieve our vision of effective leadership throughout the system?


Dr Linda Bendikson
Dr Jan Robertson
Professor Jane Gilbert
Dr Jenny Poskitt
Dr Cathy Wylie
Dr Kate Thornton
Professor Eileen Piggot Irvine
Associate Professor Anne Hynds
Associate Professor Mere Berryman
Professor Ross Notman
Dr Adrienne Alton Lee
Professor Roger Moltzen
Chair: Anthony Mackay

Education Council
Robyn Baker
Frances Nelson
Linda Stockham


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