The Teaching Council Matatū Aotearoa would like your feedback on the following as part of proposed changes to the teacher refresh process: 

  • proposed new rules for teacher refresh processes when renewing practising certificates 
  • changes to the Requirements for Teacher Registration, Practising Certificates and Limited Authority to Teach policy that will be needed to support the proposed new rules, and  
  • policy changes for other circumstances where teacher refresh processes may be required. 

The proposed new rules are required to be made under Section 486(1)(h) of the Education and Training Act 2020. It’s proposed that the new rules will largely reflect existing policy and practice, building on current teacher refresh processes, rather than introducing a whole new approach.  You can find the new rules, here.

The Council welcomes feedback from all teachers, professional leaders, peak bodies, and other stakeholders who may be affected by the proposed new rules and policy changes.  

You can read the consultation document here. It sets out the proposals for the new rules for teacher refresh processes and the policy amendments to reflect the rules, along with other proposed policy amendments. 

You can read the FAQs for the consultation here.

The consultation document includes questions which you can respond to using this email address teacherrefreshconsult@teachingcouncil.nzHowever, you don’t have to use these questions for your response - please feel free to comment on any aspect of the consultation document proposals in whatever way you prefer. 

The consultation closed on Friday 3 September 2021. The Council has considered the feedback provided and new rules have been gazetted. You can read the feedback document here.