Purpose of the further period of consultation on fees and levy

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to the consultation. Your Governing Council looked closely at the feedback which resulted in further analysis, allowing us to identify some areas in relation to the levy where further savings can be made, by anticipating and planning to reduce costs in some areas. 

We want to further explore this particular aspect of the consultation - regarding where those savings could be spent, and we are seeking feedback on one additional question that wasn’t part of the original proposals.

Below is the question and two links. One is to more detailed information on this further work and the other to a feedback form. Feedback opens today, 12 May and closes on Wednesday 25 May 2022. 

Question: How should additional savings to the levy be shared?

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We have identified two possible options, but you might have other suggestions for us to consider:

Option 1:

Share a larger portion of the savings with holders of a LAT, and smaller portion with certificated teachers so holders of a LAT pay a lower levy


  • Reduction in total levy payable by LAT holders: $118.34
  • Reduction in total levy payable by teachers: $7.84


Option 2:

Share the savings equally across holders of a LAT and certificated teachers so they pay the same levy


  • Reduction in total levy payable by all teachers and LAT holders: $9.20


At a glance

  • The purpose of the further period of consultation on fees and levy document and associated resources gives you information on the context for the further consultation. 
  • You’ll have two weeks to consider the additional question which close 5pm on Wednesday 25 May 2022.
  • The Council is undertaking this consultation in good faith. 
  • The Governing Council (Governance Board) will consider all submissions with an open mind before making a decision, and may choose to consult again if the feedback results in a significantly different proposal.  
  • Please click here to read the clarification document.

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More information

The current fee of $220.80 was set in 2010 and does not reflect current costs to deliver on the Council’s mandated functions. The Government has financially supported the Council since its establishment providing approximately $47m since 2016.  

The Government has announced that no further support will be forthcoming to deliver the Council’s mandatory functions, and since 2010, costs have continued to increase significantly due to: 

  • an expanded remit and new mandatory functions from 2015 
  • the impact of inflation 
  • a decreased threshold for referral of conduct matters to the Disciplinary Tribunal  
  • other cost drivers, including changes to the governance model (a larger Governing Board), improvements in internal support capabilities, and the need to maintain acceptable levels of service to teachers and the public.

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